Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blessed with Girls!!! Cute Pics

I love my goats!!!  They are smart, funny, Bossy and give us a supply of fresh yummy milk.  So far two of my darling ladies have kidded.  I have ended up with 3 does and one little buckling.  The first two Peter and Tinkerbell are now 5 weeks old.  They jump on me every time I go out there.  Now we have 2 more both are precious little girls.  Yes we are nerds (according to my teenage step-daughter) they are named Megan and Jenny for the Delaney sisters off of Star Trek Voyager.  The momma is full blooded Nubian and their Daddy is fiull blooded Alpine so one ended up with floppy Nubian ears  (that one is Jenny) and the other with some funky half up half down ears (that one is Megan)

Jenny has the floppy ears and Megan has the straight ears

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