Friday, June 22, 2012

A Horse... Of Course.. Help please

My kids have been driving me crazy for a horse and my son is autistic and developed a love for horses after going to a therapy program that uses horses..  I saw an ad on Craigs list for a free colt so I sent an email.  Well instead of the colt they had an older mare that had lost alot of weight because of the 6 younger horses chasing her out of the feed. They said she was gentle and would be great for my son.  They brought her to us and gave her to my son.  He is sooo happy about it.

When we found out my oldest daughter and I hurried and built a stall in the barn for her..
Of course the grandkids wanted to help.
Then we had it done...  The horses name is Star...

Then the horse arrived... Ohhh so exciting!!!
Poor baby she is sooo skinny... We already had her stall set up with a flake of alfalfa hay and grain.  She immediately went for the grain.  Every time it would run out she would start to neigh... Loudly...  My hubby ended up giving her about 3 more scoops.  I was afraid she would bloat if she ate too much.  I am going to call the vet and ask about floating her teeth.  Other than that if it is just her age and the younger ones running her away then the spoiling attention and treats she will get should fatten her up in no time...

Because she is so skinny I will not let the bigger kids ride her.  I had a 40 year old pony saddle that was mine when I was a kid.  The straps were rotten and the leather hard but I managed to rehab it with a thick blanket/pad, new straps and a new cinch.  Also a LOT of mineral oit on the leather.  I put it on her and she stood there perfectly.  The little saddle looked like a tiny clown hat on her back.  The grandkids loved it.
See how that saddle looks so funny on her back...

If anyone has any ideas on how to fatten her up... Please let me know.  I am by far not an expert and would welcome any advice.


  1. How is the old girl doing now? She sounds like a good girl and though I am no expert, I have some experience buying "the right horse" for a special boy and all three have been old mares. The special boy is my 12 year old son. The horse is something that brings such improvement to his motor and language skills. Can't put a price on it.

    You were probably spot on with having the teeth looked at. That and getting her away from the more dominant younger horses. I once made a mistake by finding an absolute dead broke, highly trained, been there/done that old mare for a friend's 6 year old son to learn on. They promised the owner and me that she'd have her own stall to eat in so she couldn't be run off from the feed. They failed in their promised and that mare starved to death slowly over a couple years after being run off by a nasty tempered, poorly trained fat mare. As I had moved away I was unaware until I visited. Their attitude was that she needed to fight back.

    We are not friends now.

    Please update us all on your girl.


    1. She is doing great getting Fat and Sassy!!! I will get some pictures up. She looks like a horse and has gained alot of weight. She is totally barn sour now because of all the grain I fed her. She lives with the goats in their pasture and lets the kids ride like a pony ride. But if I try to get on her she only wants to go to the barn!!! The dentist said she was closer to 30 and had horrible teeth. One fell out in the dentists hand. We saved it.