Monday, August 27, 2012

Quack and Babes... update

Two of the babies survived.  It rained all day and qhack had them out in it.  I saw her actually using her bill to try and push the babes into a puddle.  One of them had gotten so wet and cold that she left it and when I saw her their was only one with her.  Husband and I searched and finally found the little one soaking wet, cold and near death.  We brought it in and warmed it in the incubator.

Husband and I talked about it and decided that an intervention was needed to save the other one that was still with her.  So we wnt out and he distracted her while I snatched the babe.

It was wet by then so into the incubator for warming it went.

This morning both babes are fine and fluffy......  Sometimes children just have to be removed from the home.....

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