Friday, August 24, 2012

Quack and babes

I have a duck.  Her mate was killed about 8 months ago and I had not got replacements until the day olds came 4 weeks ago.  3 1/2 weeks ago my one and only got broody.  Maybe because we had gotten the shipment of day old baby ducks, I have no idea.  But the long and short of it was that she was sitting on a nest of very infertile eggs.  I did not have the heart to let her sit and they never hatch.  So the switcheroo got pulled and I replaced her bad eggs with 8 fertile chicken eggs.

Yesterday they began to hatch.  I know because I found a black one out of the nest half hatched.  I guess it got stuck to her feathers.  I peeled the hardened shell and membrane off of it and put it back in the nest.  When she came back she found the baby and now this morning more have hatched.  Quack is super tame but now she hisses and trys to bite anyone that gets near her babies...

I was able to get a couple pictures
In this one you can see the little black one that I had rescued:
I am not sure how this is going to work when they wont swim with her, but for now she is one proud and happy momma duck!

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