Thursday, October 4, 2012

Update on Quacks babes...An orphan chicken and a blind goat

The chickens that my duck hatched did not fare so well.  Only one has survived and because it is an "only child"  it is spoiled, his name is "Bitty Bird" thanks to my 4 year old grandson. I had to take the two remaining chicks away from her after she almost drowned them in a puddle, only one of them survived.  He lives in our barn with our blind goat.  Yes thats right BLIND goat Sonny.  Some friends of ours are going out of the country so we adopted their pet goat who is totally blind.

The two have become friends.  It is almost a symbiotic relationship.  The chicken sleeps on top of the goat.  He chirps if another chicken or something gets too close to the goat and if he starts chirping Sonny the goat gets up.  Every time I go out to the barn and Sonny is laying down, Bitty will be on top of him.  I have seen at times when Bitty is being chased by another chick he will fly up and sit on Sonny's back and go for a ride.
Bitty bird on top of Sonny

They share a feeder.  I tried to take a picture but Sonny moved before my phone could snap it.

This chicken has become so tame it is almost irritating.  If you are out in the barn and sit down to take a break he will jump up onto your lap and then up to your shoulder he goes.
Bitty taking a break

Bitty standing guard
One time I was out in the barn and a bigger chick started picking on Bitty.  He flew up caught the back of my shirt and climbed all the way to my shoulder then started chirping loudly in my ear like he was telling on that other chick.


  1. Aw that is so cute! One of our roosters rides on the back of an orphan lamb we took in. Kudos to you for taking in Sonny. Love your values and blog! I shall be following your site as I desperately need some canning tips! ;) Jacqui

    1. Welcome Jacqui, Glad to have you. Because we were hard hit with the drought I have been making more cheese than canning but it's getting cooler and the meat and soup will soon be getting canned up and alot of baking will be going on. Also if there is ever anything you want to know about let me know and I will try to help you...