Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Nation with NO Morals... Top 5 reasons in my books

It has been a while since I posted because of a couple reasons.  Number one the FLU got me.  Number 2 I had to deal with something unthinkable....
I got a phone call from the principal of my daughters school.  She is in the sixth grade, straight A's, no enemies she is a sweet Christian girl with a heart of gold!  She plays the clarinet and has recently gotten first chair in the beginning band.  This comes after 2 years of practicing her chosen instrument which is a Clarinet, long before band was even offered at school.

The principal calls me and starts out the conversation with I want you to know Ariel is not injured................  WHAT????  It seems as though one of the girls that my daughter has been friends with and has spoken alot about Christ to came to school and brought a knife!!!  That morning at breakfast the little girl came up behind her and put her hands around my daughters shoulders and neck which Ariel tells me is this child's normal way of greeting her, put her hands back in her pockets and then informs her that "You didn't even know I had a knife at your throat!!!"  Sure enough another little girl had seen it and then the  girl pulled out the knife of her pocket and showed Ariel.
The witness little girl went to the principal and well needless to say the girl with the Knife went home.  That is when the principal called me and then the police.  I told the officer I did not want to press charges that I thought being expelled was probably enough punishment.  My daughter told me that she didn't feel like the girl wanted to hurt her and that she was just being "stupid" The girl had been her friend for almost 2 years and my daughter did not want charges pressed against the child (see heart of gold)!!!  She had been trying to get this girl to go to church with her.  While the child walks around the school offering contracts with the devil...

Now what would give a child the idea to put a knife to another child's throat?  Or take a gun to school? Or shoot their parents or other children?  Rob a liquor store? or an EZ Mart? Steal a car?? Have sex or do drugs before they are 12?

I can tell you I am sure I know exactly what is causing our nation to bring up a nation of violent offenders... Thugs if you may....

  1.  The loss of moral instruction in our schools.
  2. The inability of parents to discipline their child without fear of interference or prosecution.
  3. The Television shows and video games that have such life like effects and place doing these things in a positive light.
  4. The loss of corpal punishment in our schools
  5. The loss of guidance and the teaching of "Moral Compass" by parents
Now lets look at each of these closer:

1. Loss of moral instruction in our schools:
When I was a kid I went to a Catholic school.  We said the lords prayer and then the pledge of allegiance first thing in the morning.  Before I got out of 1st grade I knew exactly what would happen to me if I broke any of the Ten commandments.  Now schools can not teach any kind of Morality for fear of "offending" another religion.  Put religion back into our schools and I promise you it will help.  Pretty much any religion from Paganism to Christianity have a "Golden Rule" which could be taught and expected to be followed.

2. The inability of parents to discipline:
I knew when I was a kid if I smart mouthed my grandmother she would have "Slapped my mouth right off my face", If I said bad things she would wash that "filth out of my mouth", If I broke the rules I knew a belt that had my name written all over it and it would HURT!!!  Now if you wash out your child's mouth with soap you are abusing them,  If you make your child go to bed hungry because they just threw a fit and refused to eat what you made for dinner... It is abuse.  If you spank their butts with a belt... That is abuse...  I was never abused and I also was never a criminal!!!  I do not so much as have a speeding ticket on my record, nor was I ever suspended in school!!!  I was however disciplined and taught right from wrong!!!  I have never bruised, bloodied or damaged a child but I have warmed a back side up!!!

3. Television shows and video games:
Video games when I was a kid was as violent as the Atari blip bouncing back and forth in Tennis.  It was controversial for Mr and Mrs Brady to be seen in the bed together reading... Horror movies came on after 10 at night...  Now our kids are being taught it is acceptable to be violent, they get practice with their video games.  I was taught you used a gun to hunt with!!  I was taught gun safety!!! My children are taught to respect firearms and what they are used for.  I was not even allowed to point a toy gun at people or animals!!!  Now we have laser tag...  The closest thing my kids can point a gun (any kind of gun) at that even resembles a human being is a paper Zombie target.  Prime time TV is loaded with violence, sex and should be rated "R".  Parents are too busy with their schedules to censor what their kids watch and do....

4. Corpal Punishment in schools:
I knew that if I was bad and got a paddling at school I was going to get the belt when I got home.  Period, no questions asked!!!!  Now schools also have their hands tied when it comes to punishment because they might "offend"...  I say Offend??? If you are offended by a school disciplining your child for threatening another then you need a paddling also!!!

5.Loss of guidance and teaching:
My kids go to Sunday school, My kids are taught from a very young age what is right and wrong...  The lame stream media does not ever report along with any of the craziness that any of the violent offenders where a member of __________church... You know why??? Because they aren't!!!  I have made my own children write scriptures instead of sentences to remind them of the moral compass that I expect out of them... I promise you I could not be considered a "bible thumping fanatic"... No I have met those kind also in my life... But it take More than one person to raise a child and teach them the right way to go...  It also takes parents living by example... If a parent is going to bars every weekend, doing drugs, ripping others off, fighting violently with family members and so on... I promise you those kids see it... They see it and because their families do then it must be right...

It takes a village to raise a child.... Parents and other adults teaching them by example Right from Wrong, church leaders and Sunday school teachers, School officials and teachers... 

My children say yes sir and No sir (or Ma'am).  They eat their peas, work hard to get good grades.  They attend Sunday school every week and are active in their youth group.  They do chores and earn the things they want... We have a farm so there is always work to be done in exchange for money to spend on eBay!!!

In order to control the violence that our Nation has given birth to then we have to get rid of the parents of violence, get a grip on our young folks and remind them right from wrong...  Get rid of the negative influences that are there in  daily life and instead infuse some positive ones!!!  Boundries must be set and those limits must be inforced... Just telling a child "Oh no sweetie you can not do that" is going to do nothing to teach them not to... The consequences MUST be overwhelming negative in order to keep them from doing it...  I mean come on folks if a speeding ticket was a quarter and your insurance never went up then would you really pay much attention to the signs??? No because the negative consequences would not be harsh enough... It would be acceptable punishment in order to drive fast...  Our kids are like that... They think "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... My parents can't really do anything to me other than talk (remember Charlie Browns parents on the phone, that is what our children hear).  And what to them is just talk??? An acceptable consequence since they can just tune us out!!!

Okay folks that is my 2 cents worth... I am sure many of you would vehemently disagree with me and that is your right...  If that is the case then we can agree to disagree...


  1. Replies
    1. I agree as well and am happy I found your blog through the newokiepioneer group.

    2. Glad to have you. I hope you can find some useful information here.

  2. Christine... I remember my father telling me, son, if get a paddeling at school, you will get another one when you get home. And boy was I afraid of that paddle. It was a razor strap hanging on the bathroom door! I never got that paddeling. In retrospect, I respected my elders, the principal and the teachers. When the pricipal & teachers want to take the discipline rights away from parents, what do they expect? Their power of authority went to their heads and now they reap what they have sown.

  3. Christine, right there with you girl! let's add to that list, Americans are spoiled rotten! too much time too much money. Deb, Ok