Wednesday, February 6, 2013

If there is yarn then we will be warm!

I had not done crochet in over 20 years when I picked back up the hooks and got busy.  Yarn can be spun fairly easily using a drop spindle and wool or angora hair if Wal-Mart ceased to exist.  But for now I will buy it.  Crochet or knitting are good skills to have.  They can be useful in a survival situation if there is an extended grid down period.  Yarn is something easily stocked up on in your preps when it goes on sale or from thrift shops.  I have bought a lot of yarn at yard sales and such for just a few cents.  It doesn't have an expiration date and can be kept in a plastic tote.  As long as it is dry and rodent proof is all you need to store it.
scarf, stocking cap and mittens
mitten up close
Hubby's new sweater

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