Friday, February 1, 2013

Our newest member.. Meet Brisket

He's not a big angus but this little fellow was only $100.  Around here if you can find bottle calves they usually want 300 or so for a meat cow like an Angus.  So I am happy with the one I got.   He is a Jersey crossed with something bovine. 
Brisket coming home
We drove to Missouri to get him and brought him back in the back of our Jeep. 

He is a bossy little bugger.  And it seems like a bottle puts him into Hungry mode.  After I feed him then he nudges me in the back side and chases the goats and even the horse around trying to get more.  

A few days after we got him both of his testicles dropped and I was able to get a band on him with the help of my daughter holding him.

I will up date with more pictures as soon as I get them...


  1. Christine, good investment. My father-in-law would pick up bucket calves at 2-3 days old, mostly holstein bull calves. I helped him feed them regularly. It was cute how we tricked them into drinking straight from the bucket, then we could discard the nipple. By the summer, he may have 15-20 young calves in the pasture. If you have room, you can let them grow up on grass pasture and a little hay, before feeding them out to butcher. If your scrapped for pasture, they can eat a lot of ground feed. It seems that pasture fed livestock are becoming a fad, due to the chemicals that are added to the grain at the mill. Good luck with brisket.

    1. I have him in the pasture wioth my goats and horse. I was hoping they would teach him to graze. It is quite cute to see him out there head down right along with the rest and when I call the girls he comes running also.I had him drinking out of a bucket by tricking him with my fingers when I had him in the barn but I have 2 goats that like milk so I had to go back to the bottle. He comes to the fence and I do not even have to go into the pen (I call it a pen but it is about 3 acres). I am going to see about getting another one next month. I had my choice between holstien or Jersey. I chose the Jersey because he was $50 cheaper.