Saturday, April 6, 2013

What NO TV???!!! What are we going to do???? Grid down entertainment

We all know the possibility of a grid down situation...   With that said we have wrapped inverters in foil made Faraday cages, bought solar lights, stored food and water and medical supplies but has anyone thought of entertainment?
Yes I said entertainment.  When the human brain has time on its hands many times it will become pessimistic and obsess over what it doesn't have...  Like no more Wednesday episodes of Survivor... So we are also prepping for entertainment.  My daughter bought matching fiddles for she and I for Mothers day and we are taking fiddle lessons to learn to play the American fiddle.
There are many other ideas such as board games, cards, outdoor sports etc.  You can be creative just please think about this one aspect of prepping that can be over looked.  What about a useful craft such as basket weaving or looming.  It could be quite entertaining to work on a piece of fabric with cool details.  The work will be hard and time consuming in a grid down environment so a little R & R will be required in order to keep the sanity!

And with that I will continue my lessons and soon I hope to be able to play something more than boil them cabbage down and shortnin' bread!  Sitting under a tree drinking tea or fresh made lemonade and dancing to fiddle music sounds like a good idea to me.  I just hope the little lemon tree that is part of my preps produces enough lemons!

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