Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An old horse made new! Before and after photos

Those of you that have been following my blog will know we were given a horse in June of last year.  She was not much more than a horse hide draped over a skeleten.  The people told us she was about 18 years old and was only skinny because the younger horses ran her off the food.  When I got her I noticed her dropping her food when she ate so I called an Equine dentist.  The dentist has an office in Oklahoma City but makes house calls and was coming thru our area.  She worked on her and at one point just reached in her mouth and out came a molar.  The dentist said she is closer to 30.

This picture was taken just a few weeks after we got her.  I was so afraid someone was going to turn us in for animal cruelty!  See how you can see all her bones!
These are recent pictures.  She now looks like a horse and you can no longer see her bones!!  She is still a little on the thin side but nothing like she was.  These were taken 9 months after we got her and 7 months after the dental visit!
She got really barn sour during the fattening up process.  I am in the process of now teaching her how to be a horse again.  She can still be cantankerous when I have the saddle on her but bareback she does fine.  She has enough meat on her bones now that you can comfortably ride her bareback.

If the SHTF and there is a EMP then she is our alternate transportation so I will keep working to get her in tip top shape. 

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