Sunday, August 4, 2013

Life on the farm and random pix

It has been crazy around here.  The grass grows faster in the garden than I can pull it.  I had the garden totally pretty a couple weeks ago and now I have trouble finding my plants! 
We butchered 12 chickens and are doing 7 ducks today.  I hate plucking them so I made a plucker.  It cost me about $20 to build and we can pluck a chicken clean in about 2 minutes.  It took us 3 hours to do 12 chickens that averages 15 minutes a bird for killing, dunking, plucking, cleaning and packaging.
If anyone wants to know how I made this plucker then write a comment and ask and I will put up a post detailing the way to make this yourself.

We have been canning and putting up the harvest nothing fancy is why no detailed articles.  We have had a bountiful harvest and feel blessed by God for all the rain!

mixed berry jelly and pickled beets

Roasted Tomato Soup

The pig is due to have her piglets in 2 weeks and she keeps getting out!  As soon as her babies are weaned she will have a date with the butcher and our freezer!  One of my doeling Alpines is terrified of the pig.  She gets up on the spool and will stay there for as long as the pig is out!!!

Birds everywhere

I found this guinea nest in the field there were about 100  eggs

We got 2 new furbabies for the house.  The Dog sons are named Freddy and Hoyt.  They are wonderful and getting spoiled already!
My oldest daughter finally got pregnant after ten years of trying (and two adoptions)  so we are working on finding baby things.
I picked this treasure up at a yard sale for her  for $10.
My neighbor makes beautiful hand carved spoons and stuff.  He gave me these for helping out his parents and they are food safe to use.  But they are just too pretty to use!  If anyone is interested in some I can get you hooked up with the family that makes them!  The top thing for those who don't know is a dough cutter.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. 
Keep your garden growing and your powder dry!

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