Sunday, July 14, 2013

What is in your first aid kit?

This is my first aid kit.  It is the one I use if there is an emergency.  It is what I take with me when we go on a trip and it is also the one I would take if we had to bug out of our location in a hurry for any reason.   Mine might be a little more comprehensive than most because of my years as a trauma nurse.  I just wish I had an AED to add to it and an Ambu Bag.
Left to right starting at the top:
4x4 gauze pads
Chlorhexadine surgical scrub
lidocaine and a syringe with a 30 gauge infiltration needle
Antifungal spray
Ace wraps
cotton balls
Field surgical kit (pen light, clamps, scalpal, needle holders, explorers, scissors)
scalpals and sutures
broad pectrum antibiotic
nasal spray
albuteral tablets
triple antibiotic ointment
benadryl cream
cortisone cream
alcohol preps
hydrogen peroxide
2 x2 gauze pads
Coban (for making splints)
albuterol inhaler
steroid inhaler
alcohol gel
eye drops
long cotton swabs
chest rub
18g needles for picking splinters or lancing boils
airways for all sizes from neonate to adult
non stick pads

Also not shown
Blood stop powder
trauma shears
dental floss
temporary tooth filling
super glue
blood pressure cuff
urine dip sticks

For at home use and prepping purposes I have a large plastic set of drawers with much more in them. Of course if I had to bug out then a bag of our prescription medications would also go with us!

Of course you would need the knowledge of how to use everything in your bag.  And you would always want to seek real medical attention if it were available!

Am I missing anything?

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