Monday, September 23, 2013

Representation or Dictation? Time for our country to evolve into the modern age!

Usually I stay away from politics but to be honest I am just getting sick and tired of all this nonsense.  I see surveys that I answer and the majority is completely opposite of what Obama stands for.

The most recent example was what the republicans are doing with the budget.  According to a survey on Hughes net 81% of the population agree with them

I have seen surveys that ask if obamacare should be repealed the majority says yes

Surveys on tighter gun control the majority says no

Surveys on if Obamas speech changed your mind on gun control that was an overwhelming 91% said no.

It seems as though the politicians have forgotten why they are elected.  To represent the majority whether it is what they personally want or not!

Obama wants his health care program that is a dictation onto the people, not a choice.  But yet overwhelmingly the majority of the population he is supposed to represent does not.  These politicians need to remember why they are chosen and to quit with their own personal opinions!

Maybe we should have voted on Obama care.

Maybe we should have voted on every single executive order!

With the technology of today every single person could use their Drivers license number and vote electronically and the time lag would be less than the senate and house voting.  That way we really would have a country that is of the people, by the people and for the people.  The reason our politicians and the electoral college were set up was because of the inability at the time for every one in the country to place a vote.  I think it is time to do away with it and move on to a more technologically advanced way to run our country without all the Drama politician's thrive on

They all seem to be just a bunch of whiny little girls that need their drama parties in order to function!~!!!!!!

There is my Nickel or dimes worth (inflation from 2 cents)


  1. I'm voting for you at the next election!!!! Flaming Phoenix for President!!! I'm gonna go make the signs and banners right now!!

    1. LOL... Thanks for the complement! I am just an opinionated mom that is sick of all the political hogwash! These politicians have totally forgotten the preamble and I bet over half of them could not even recite it!

  2. hear hear! these politicians don't care about us just their own political agendas and their wallet.