Sunday, January 27, 2013

Firearms laws of our colonies and today

Our original colonies and founding fathers knew how important it was to own firearms.  Many of the colonies even required all able bodied families to own a firearm or be taxed.

One brave individual has petitioned the government to pass the same kind of law.  Many people would say that it  is unconstitutional to tax someone for not wanting to own a firearm. But I believe it is in the same as forcing people to have health insurance or be taxed (pay a penalty) or have car insurance, car tags etc.  You know all of those things that the gov requires us to purchase.

Below is a copy of the petition.  If you believe as I in the right to keep and bear arms.  If you believe in a need to go back to our constitutional roots.  Then please sign the petition and pass it along to every one you can the petition needs 100,000 signatures by February 17th in order to get an audience.  Strange that most only required 25,000 in 30 days and they quadrupled the requirement for this one.  They have a long way to go......  The link to click is at the very bottom of the article...

Project Amendment 28 - Require Firearms Ownership

In order to provide for the security of the individual, state and general well-being of the country, all able bodied individuals shall be required to own one modern firearm and ten rounds of associated ammunition.
Individuals are required to receive firearms training. Exceptions shall be made for those adjudicated mentally ill, convicted of a crime of domestic violence, a felony, or have been separated from the military with a Dishonorable Discharge.
Individuals that are fundamentally opposed to owning a firearm shall be taxed and each year shall register with the government as firearms objectors until age 62 or until proven by a medical doctor to be unable to operate a firearm.
If an individual is unable to purchase a firearm one shall be provided by the Federal Government.

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