Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snow!!! In May??? History has been made in Arkansas

Before in my blog I had complained about Jack Frost not looking at the calendar... Well I guess Father Winter is confused also!!!  Here in Northwest Arkansas we set a record last night.  It has NEVER snowed this late in the year!

We got over an inch of snow!!!  This pic was taken at 3:45am

My poor garden.  Hopefully it wont bother the few greens, radishes and turnips I have up.  But the tomatoes and peppers are done for.  I will have to go buy plants to replace them.  I would imagine the volunteer celery is done for also!  I also pray that my green beans had not sprouted yet.  I had not been to that end of the garden in 2 days.
By late afternoon it had all melted off.  There was a 50% chance it would do it again tonight but so far it has not.    I hope mother nature is done now!!!

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