Saturday, May 4, 2013

Family Ties

I do not usually blog about hings of a personal nature but I am very happy this week.  My family is... Well.... Quite dysfunctional......My grandparents divorced when my mother was 6.  Then they both remarried and had more children.  For some reason they subscribed to the "if I am mad at you I will dis-own you" philosophy.  Which my mother happily carried on that family tradition.  So my family is scattered and hard to reach out to. 

Twenty years ago I set about trying to find one of my Aunts.  She is only a few years older than me and we played together when I was very little.  I have very fond memories of playing with her.  Barbies and EZ Bake oven.  I was 4 the last time I saw her.  But suffice it to say she was dis-owned and so was my mother.  Then my mother Dis-owned me (I HATE that word).  So I hit major dead ends and road blocks.

Well that very aunt found me!!!  Just this last week!!! We have had a wonderful time catching up on 40 years lost.  The amazing thing is that we are very much alike.  We look very much alike.  We went into the same profession (she is also a RN), we have many of the same values and quirks. We even like/dislike many of the same foods.  She is so close to my age it is more like sisters than Aunt and Niece.  How amazing is that?!?!  We did not have contact after I was 4.  But what we did have was the same influence in the way of my Great-Grandmother her Grandmother.  I am convinced that is why we are so very much alike.

I just wanted to share my good fortune about reconnecting with her.  She has 2 children and they have children... Wow!!! Cousins and second cousins!!!

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming...........

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