Friday, May 10, 2013

The need to control inanimate objects

My last post was a repost of a you tube link.  The video is absolutely hilarious.  Here's the thing.  My firearms are just as even tempered as that guys Glock.  I have an AR15 by my bed, a shotgun behind the front door along with a 22 and a 45acp in my purse.  None of those weapons have ever jumped up in the middle of the night, loaded themselves and hurt anyone.  They are not restrained in any fashion.  So why do people feel the need to control inanimate objects???

Each and every inanimate object is already "controlled" the person that owns said object controls it!  My weapons do not do any harm because I control them.  I do not force them to do harm.  I have 3 very peaceful pressure canners/cookers in my kitchen.  They have never blown up.  Nor will they ever as long as I do not do something to make them.   And they darn sure are not going to grow legs and trot down to some public function so they can blow up.  My car never drives drunk...  None of them do and I have 3.  2 are not of legal drinking age (97 and 2012) but one of them is middle aged at 44 years old and she never goes out drunk driving.  So see even the child aged cars do not get into trouble.  They do get stubborn occasionally my old Ford sometimes will not start for me but hey it is a mechanical object.  Once I figure out what is wrong and fix it then no more stubbornness.  Also my computer does not go out hacking on its own either.  And it is the smartest inanimate object I own. 

All of the gun control mumbo jumbo on the news is just that... Ridiculous gibberish from people that are uneducated and ignorant.  They feel that an inanimate object can jump up and do harm, or so it seems.  And it seems as though they won't quit.  The bills were struck down by congress and what so they say?  "We won't quit!" 

We already have laws in place that deny ownership of weapons to the criminals and the mentally deficient.  Our government does not enforce the laws already on the books.  So why on earth do they need to just spend more money when we already owe trillions in debt to make more laws that too will not be enforced.

I say enforce the laws already on the books. 

Here's a new one they can write:
Any person with a concealed Carry Permit should be exempt from further background checks. 
When I got my license I did fingerprints and they ran my background thru the wringer only to find out that I have never even had so much as a parking ticket.  So I got my cute little card that says my 1911 can reside in my purse.  And if I ever do get into trouble I (which I do not plan on) I will have to surrender that cute little card until a court could determine my innocence.  So as long as I have that card in my possession that means that I am a good girl and have not broken any laws.

There are many citizens out there that are just like me.  Why should we be punished and lose our weapons?  Why should we have to defend our rights when we have done nothing wrong.  Punish the ones that break those laws.  Not us.  Please I wish they would grow a brain cell and figure out that people kill people! It is a horrible tragedy that those children were killed, but a person did that.  The gun did NOT on its own run down there and kill those children.

Is car control next because of all the people killed with cars?  Pressure cooker control??? what about knife control???  Pretty stupid to think of it huh???

How about we enforce the existing laws, teach our children that firearms are tools and not toys.  And punish the criminals that break laws.  Even my 4 year old grandson knows that if he messes with a gun there will be serious consequences! 

Okay that is my 2 cents worth on this topic.

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