Friday, January 18, 2013

About what our "president" is trying to do to our rights... My opinion...

Propaganda defined:
  1. publicity to promote something: information put out by an organization or government to promote a policy, idea, or cause
  2. misleading publicity: deceptive or distorted information that is systematically spread
Is what our government spreading distorted or deceptive information?
I would say yes.  The definition of an assault or military rifle according to the BATF is a weapon with a selective fire switch which allows the shooter to "switch" the weapon over to full automatic or bursts.  Our military uses these such weapons and has been illegal for just anyone to own since 1968.  I would hate to see what would happen if our military had to use the kind of weapons that we can purchase right now.  We would probably not win a battle against a third world country!!! 
The weapons that the government is touting as "assault" weapons are not that at all.  They are only semiautomatic which means you must pull the trigger for every shot.  A Ruger 10/22 is just that type of gun and can be dressed up with plastic furniture to resemble a military M16 rifle but it is still just a 10/22 underneath.  That is similar to the kits that were sold in the late 70's for VW bugs.  You could take the body off and replace it with a replica Ferrari or Lamborghini body.  Did that turn that vehicle into a Lamborghini?  No it was still a Volkswagen underneath.  I could put on a princess dress, fix my hair and put on make-up, Would that make me a princess?  No still just a tom boy that feeds chickens, goats and pigs everyday underneath.
So to lump all the look alike's in with the real thing is pretty ignorant of the masses.  They are uneducated and misinformed... Propaganda has done this misinforming.
History has taught us that a tyrannical government must first disarm the masses before they can take over.  This was shown to be quite effective with the reign of Hitler in Nazi Germany starting with the "Gun Control act of 1938". 
Our Second amendment:
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
Now alot of people would argue that the term "militia" would mean only the military.  But in the times of the colonies it had a very different meaning.  This was essentially every free, white male (not being racist, this was the thought process back then).
At the time that the constitution was ratified many of the colonies had laws that forced EVERY HOUSEHOLD to be armed and if you did not have a weapon you could be fined.  Virginia passed a law that stated you must go to church on the sabbath and you must bring your gun to church with you.
Our forefathers recognized that a well armed home would be a safer home since criminals will always prey on the ones that can not or are less likely to be able to defend themselves.  To make my point:
Has anyone heard of a crazy man going in and shooting up a local sheriffs office?
No... The criminals always go to places that they know will not be armed and will be an easy target.  They always go to known "gun free" zones.  This is where they will meet with the least resistance and have the best chance of carrying out their evil plans.
Obviously crime rates have not gone down with decreasing the ability to own weapons.  For example in New York City where it is pretty much illegal to own guns:
For the first week of this year:
Murder 7
Rape 31
Robbery 384
Felony assault 353
Burglary 329
grand larceny 760
How about Washington DC where it is totally illegal to own a gun:
Murder rate is 650% of national average 
Rape 121%
Robbery 481%
Assault 288%
Burglary 104%
Larceny 141%
Motor vehicle theft 383%
Looks like gun control has worked well for them....  NOT!!!!!
Here is an entire years worth of date from the entire state of North Carolina which allows permissive open carry:
2010 Crime (Actual Data)*Incidents
Aggravated Assault2,796
Forcible Rape239
Larceny and Theft22,711
Motor Vehicle Theft2,665
Murder and Manslaughter61
 They are as an entire state less than the national average.  They are very close by Washington DC and New York in terms of location which is why I used them as an example.
And I can only imagine how Obama's hometown of Chicago ranks with all of their gun control and crime!!!!!
So my point is:  The politicians need to grow a brain cell.  Look at the statistics.  Quit with all of the Nazi type Propaganda and follow our constitution.  And really???? Hiding behind a bunch of kids (Obama with the kids at his speech) in hopes of pulling heart strings... That was about as low as it gets.  Maybe he should stand next to car wreck survivors and ask to ban all of the cars in the country!!!  Or plane wreck victims families...
Does he really think that a 10 year old would have the knowledge of what an assault rifle really is?  And why should all the adults in the country think that either?  Would they have a kid tell them how they should do their budget??? Yet they are going to have a kid tell them how to control crime????
Hitler disarmed his country before taking over... He knew they could not fight back without weapons...  Are we going to turn into the modern day Nazi Germany?  Run by a tyrannical leader that first disarms the population, has the constitution changed so that he can run a 3rd term or maybe longer.  Uses his executive power to do pretty much as he wills and threatens our congress if they do not bow to  his wishes.
Hitler was a smooth talker that slowly manipulated the people into thinking he was the messiah born again.  History always repeats itself... Does it not???
This is my opinion.  I am sure there are many that would disagree and I will right now agree to disagree with you folks... For the minute I still have the freedom of speech but I am sure that one is on the list also to remove!


  1. I agree 100%! Could not have said it better. Maybe Ken should publish your article? YES

    1. @sixpense Thank you for the compliment ;o) I will send it to Ken and see what he thinks. I had not thought about sending it to him. I always only send him how to type articles...

  2. You are so right! I can't imagine anyone saying it better!!!