Wednesday, January 16, 2013

free seed starting greenhouses

I feel spring coming on and sure enough it is time to start the seeds indoors for this years garden.  I wanted to share an idea that I had for a FREE way to make green houses to start your seeds in.  This will also work for a way to grow things like lettuce indoors during the winter.

I have a friend that works in a food pantry and free meal program at her church.  They get lots of cakes donated from the local stores.  She has been saving the plastic containers the cakes come in.

 I turned one upside down and then set another on top.
I bought some small jiffy pots off of eBay.  They were $42 for 500 pots which should be plenty for starting seeds for several years.  I soaked the pots in some hydroponic solution.  The pots are small but I figured the solution would give them the nutrients needed to start good strong plants.

I then used wood sticks and dowels to make floating dividers to divide up the pots.
Then I wrote on the container what was in each row
I am only planting heirloom varieties this year.  We have never saved seeds before but that is our goal this year and also enough produce to sell at the farmers market and put up a years worth of food for our family of 9 (kids and grandkids included).

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