Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goat Dilemma

I have three dairy goats.  This fall they came into heat and were bred by our darling little buck.  In December I went about drying them off so that their bodies could be ready for the new baby and freshening.  I cut back their feed and cut back on milking first to once a day and then to every other day.  Within 2 weeks 2 of the girls were totally dry.
BUT.... Ginger will not dry off.  Every other day when I go out her udder is full and tight.

She continues to give me 1/2 gallon every other day.  Maybe she is not pregnant??? When I feel her tummy in the stand in front of her udder it is just as hard as can be.  She has a wide tummy, but then she loves her treats...  I tried to feel for fetal movement and I can feel movement but maybe it is just her Rumin...  Also after she was bred she never came back into heat...  I guess when February comes and goes which is when she is due we will know for sure if she really got bred or if for some reason she is faking and it did not take....

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