Tuesday, May 1, 2012

grocery store sticker shock: How to make Mayonaisse

Grocery stores… A love hate relationship, we despise the control they have over us.  Unless you have the land, the critters, and the know how to raise 100% of your food we have to have them.  Even then we would still have to buy things like yeast, salt, baking powder, etc.  There are however many ways we can make things ourselves and save literally hundreds by not giving it to Wal-Mart, Kroger or Safeway.  The generations of folks now have in general lost the art of cooking from scratch and depend on the grocery store to buy it.  I hope this helps in bringing us one step back towards self sufficiency in this modern day.  Also if we know how and make these things before the SHTF then it will be easier and less of a hardship to make it when you have no choice.  Remember it is always easier said than done….


$5.29 for a quart of mayo???  Not on my watch I won’t…  It takes only a few minutes, a few dimes and is so easy to make.  If you have some backyard chickens and have stocked up on oil and lemon juice or vinegar then the stores running out will not stop you from having a nice mayo sandwich. Not to mention the barter possibilities of knowing how to make this treat when the masses can not buy it.


2 egg yolks (save the whites for other things, they can be frozen and then whipped into meringue at a later time)

2 Tablespoons lemon juice

Oil About 1 ½ cups   (you pick the kind you like best, I use regular old vegetable oil)

If you like miracle whip then add 1/8tsp each garlic and onion powder and substitute vinegar for the lemon juice

Separate the yolks from the whites and place the yolks in a small bowl.  Add lemon juice.  Using a mixer on high then drizzle the oil directly over the beaters, only drizzle it in a small stream.  If you just pour it then the mayo will not whip up.  Stop drizzling the oil every few seconds and allow the mixture to whip.  Keep adding the oil and beating until it whips up to the desired consistency.  The more oil you add the thicker it will get.

Tip: There are times with certain oils that this will not work properly.  I had one bottle of oil I got from Aldi’s that would not whip into Mayo to save my life. The Wal-Mart brand of oil works well. Olive oil mixed half and half with vegetable oil works very well and is healthy for you.  If you have a batch that does not whip up do not give up.  It took me a bit to get the trick to making it down (the drizzling of the oil was the trick) and now I can whip up a batch in 5 minutes, it tastes so much better and costs so much less…..

Remember this does not have preservative chemicals so it will not last a super long time like the store bought chemical laden stuff. It must be refrigerated and not left on a counter.  After a couple weeks or so it will begin to smell bad so do not make more than you can use in a couple weeks. You can adjust the amounts for the amount you will need.  The ratio is 1 egg to 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar then enough oil to whip up.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Ingredients and equipment needed for Mayo:  Yes one of those eggs is green.  Mine are home grown and some of my girls are a breed of chickens that lay colored eggs.

Mayo beginning to whip

Mayo all done whipping
Mayo all done and in a repurposed jar.  Large plastic peanut butter jars work well also.

Every dime we can save on some things means more of other things we can put in our preps.

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