Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome to our farm

Hello, welcome to our farm blog.  I hope you find what you are looking for.  I plan to post 2 -3 times a week, more if I can.  We have a 5 acre  mini farm in the rural midwest that we are just getting started.  I will be posting about things I try that work and things that don't, food preservation, harvest, critters, survival, prepping, food storage,  cooking, sewing, happenings on our homestead and on and on.  I have been canning and preserving food for 30 years.  I can everything I can get my hands on including somethings the USDA does not approve of.  I will warn you if I post about any of those things (like Pumpkin Butter).  I was an RN for almost 20 years mostly in the ER so I may write about some medical things.  I have since been "medically retired" due to a freak accident.  I have 5 children and 4 grandchildren, I believe strongly in the "golden rule" and try to live my life in a Christian fashion.

If there is anything that you want to know about making homemade I may be able to answer your question.  Just drop a comment and I will try to answer it.  If I do not know or have not tried something I will not give you an answer and do not have a problem saying "I don't know".  I want all of this information to be informative, interesting and only things that I know first hand is accurate.

Bless you and I hope you enjoy the blog

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