Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers day

Happy Mothers day to everyone out there.  I was able to spend the weekend with my son in Kansas and play with my newest grandbaby.  Kansas the land of corn, wheat, silos, storm shelters, and the longest mile in the world. 
I went to the Wal-Mart in Ottawa with my son and I found a treasure.  Wheat!! They had 25lb bags of wheat for $13.  I have been looking online for wheat and with shipping it is always close to $50 for 50lbs.  This made it $26 for 50lbs.  They only had two sacks and I bought both of them.  This makes me think that if that Wal-Mart has it then why can't mine.  I am going to ask the manager to get some.
So if you need wheat... Join me in harrassing the Wal-mart managers until they get this in their store.  I do not see any reason why if the one in Ottawa, KS can stock it why ours can not!!!  I mean it does all come from the same warehouses.

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