Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is a Hard Winter on the Horizon?

I told my husband last summer with the drought and the heat so bad that I feared a HARD winter... Now my animals are looking really shaggy.  Our horse has fur that is almost an inch long.  My goats are growing thick under coats also.  The persimmons are showing spoons which means we will have to dig out of snow and the almanac also is calling for an extra snowy winter here.

We have frequent power outages here from ice.  So I invested in some solar lights.  We have extra lamp oil and candles.

I just built a barrel wood stove for the barn so if I lose power at least we can all go to the barn and stay warm.

What do you folks think?  Are we in for a cold, cold winter?  Has anyone looked at a persimmon seed? What do you think your area will be like???

I guess I better get busy and get the last of the "Before it gets too cold to be outside" stuff done...


  1. Christine... haven't heard anybody predicting yet this year, but I found this wooly worm that was black the whole length, on top, and brown down both sides. Now that was a first! Usually they are banded?

    1. I saw a ton of those this year also. My grandson was constantly finding them.