Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petitons on White House site to secede...Why the people have done it... What I think...

The count of petitions people have submitted for the different states is up to 31 out of 50 states. It has now hit main stream media and was on our local news last night. I believe that these people do not truly want to secede but only want their voices heard about the recent blatant infringement upon rights.  Now there is even a petition to exile and strip citizenship of every person who signs the petitions.  What these people do not realize is that every single petition is a voice.  It is our first amendment right of Freedom of Speech being utilized to send a message to the president.  This was the way many thought that maybe they could get a point across. 

Since over half of the states are present I believe they (the citizens) do not want to necessarily secede but they do want a NEW government...

The people are not happy.  Many of our rights have been trampled in recent years.  Whether it is the TSA violating privacy.  People being arrested for peaceful demonstrations (the occupy movement). Taxation without permission of the people (jsut raise taxes).  Or gun control.

Can anyone even remember why we left dear old England and King George?  Many of the reasons are present here and now again.  Yes that cup of tea is being taxed!!!

Our Government needs reform.  We need to be reformed back to our constitution.  Smaller government.  Less red tape.  Decrease federal spending. 

I am a US citizen and am proud of that.  I do not need or want a president to apologize for that fact.  We are supposed to be one nation under GOD.  Why should we apologize for being Americans, or for being Christian, or whatever religion you choose.  That is our choice and it is a right.

I do not want a civil war, But I do want the president to remember our constitution that he swore to uphold.  Remember the declaration of independence and why we are what we are. 

Yes I signed many of the petitions (that was the only way I could get those links for my posts).
I know that a little petition by the citizens will never cause any state to be released from the union.

I believe that this is nothing more than a peaceful demonstration in an attempt to get him to listen to the people.  And really... How much more peaceful can you get than electronic signatures on an electronic petition????

And with that I am saying no more about all of this.  Back to my homestead... I HATE politics!!!

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