Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update on State Petitions to secede and a petition to impeach Obama

Here is an update on all the Hoopla at the White House "We the people website".

As of 6am Central time there were petitions for 45 of our 50 states to secede.  Combined they have 674,433 signatures.  There are 5 of the New England states and Hawaii that is not listed. Since it is easier to list the states NOT listed on the site with petitions here they are:

I am keeping up with all of this for curiosities sake... I am not going to sit here and tell any one they need to sign a petition or tell them not to sign the petitions.  But we do have the right given to us by the first amendment to petition our government. They have 30 days to amass signatures and they are only into this by less than a week.  I am curious as to how far this will go before the White House decides to unplug their web server....

There is also another petition to peacefully allow all the states that have requested secession to form a new nation together here it is:

On the other front the two petitions wishing to strip citizenship and exile all who sign have 21,333 signatures.  Those are the people that have never heard of the First Amendment.  I am not quite sure where they plan on exiling this many people to... Alaska maybe??? That would be the closest thing to our version of Siberia where communist Russia used to exile their people that spoke up to...  I have always been fascinated by Alaska so maybe I will get to go... LOL

You can also read all of the petitions at:

There is also a petition to impeach Obama and it lists several reasons you can read this one here:

All I have to say once again is WOW!!!!!  People are speaking up. 


  1. Christine.... the people of the United States just got their ah ha, moment. The scales fell from their eyes! They just realized that our whole system of electing our leaders is a big scam! They are at a loss of what to do next, they are grasping at straws.
    As we speak,the pharaoh is removing all of those who stand against him in the upcoming revolution. All the standing admirals, generals, military personal that has defended our counrty for all time will be removed and replaced with marxist associates of the current admininstration. I expect the top legislators and elected officials who do not follow his agenda, will be eliminated or arrested to strike fear into would be deserters.. Its a sad day, but we knew it was coming four years ago, didn't we?

  2. Only half of them.... The rest still worship the pharaoh...