Monday, November 12, 2012

Multiple states wanting to leave the US peacefully... The Bible Belt speaks and then some

Okay... WOW... That is about all I can say about all of this.  There are multiple petitions now for multiple states to withdraw and create their own new government.  Louisiana started it and now there are 20 in total...  Is this a sign of what is to come????  I have a foreboding feeling about all of this....  I do hope the president can see that his peasants are not happy....  Many of the states listed were confederate states to begin with and pretty much the entire Bible Belt is spoken for here, only a few are missing.  There could be many more since you have to get the first 150 signatures before the petition will even show up on the White House web site.  I have no interest in seeing a civil war here on our ground, But I do hope that all of these petitions will get the Commander in Chief's attention and tell him there are a LOT of unhappy people out here.  Maybe he will LISTEN to his people and try to unite the nation once again. 
We were once a great nation united by the people and for the people.  We are now a divided nation that is by the government and for the government. 

Oklahoma and Arizona Have also entered onto the petition page.  That raises the count to 22 states.  Now I do not believe for one minute that anything is going to actually come of this except papers flying (Or at least I truly hope not).  But it truly is my hope that with this much attention maybe the Obama administration will stop and truly consider the reasons behind all of this.  This is almost half of our continental states.  Maybe the voices will be heard and attention paid to them....

Here are links to all of the states so far:





Georgia  and



Louisiana  ...



Missouri  and


North Carolina

North Dakota

New Jersey

New York


South Carolina  and




  1. WVa needs to join

    1. They actually have already. There are currently 40 states represented and over 525,000 signatures. You can go to http:/petitions/ to see all of them. And of course a couple petitions seeking to exile everyone who signs. I guess those people haven't heard of the 1st amendment...

    2. oops here is the correct link

  2. Lets hope nothing happens from this. In the civil war brother turned against brother state versus state family after family. I live in Missouri and most my family lives in states not in this list. Including my fiancee (Kansas) this country was once a proud nation and for the first time in a long time the citizens of this country do not believe this country will exist in 50 years and if there is a war within the country then fears will be confirmed and this country will disappear. I hope and pray nothing comes from this. I may only be a 18 year old boy but Ik that this country won't be able to handle even one state leaving.

    -Danny Tangen

    1. I am with you Danny, I too hope and pray it never comes to war. My son is 26 and he also lives in Kansas while I live in Arkansas. As of now there are 49 out of the 50 states on the list. Vermont is the only one not listed. Our rights have been slowly slipping away and many people see this and are very concerned. We have no idea what the future holds. Prepare for the worst and hope and pray for the best!!!

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